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The Lights at Old Harbor and Columbia Road

Back to blinking!

Maybe it was all those handmade notes with Sharpie marker on poster board? Perhaps there really was a broken part that finally came in?  Or maybe it was a magic switch that was flipped.  Whatever the case the lights at Old Harbor and Columbia Road are back to blinking red and yellow.

A few months back, the traffic lights at this intersection changed from blinking red to normal functioning lights that go from green, to yellow to red.   The lights were not timed correctly and so sometimes you would have a green light but you couldn’t pass because people who were trying to turn on Columbia Road would have a red light and then there was gridlock.  Then hand made signs began showing up urging people to call anyone from Ken at the DCR to Senator Linda Dorcena Forry’s office.

We aren’t sure why the lights changed in the first place and we aren’t exactly sure why or how they changed back but it’s back to normal for the traffic lights at Old Harbor and Columbia Road…..for now.

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