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We will give the City of Boston props where props are due.  The once cluster-f*ck parking in front of the Southie Post Office is now more orderly complete with a parking island and lined parking spots.  So we’re thankful for the improvement but we are still scratching are heads about the planning and the arrival of #TarIsland.  

This week the once flat black tar that covered Tar Island was recently transformed into red tar with lines “stamped” into it.  Thus creating the authentic faux brick a la New England Brickmaster look. You know when you want the look of brick but not the hassle of real brick.   There are still many unsolved mysteries concerning tar island.  Were there suppose to be trees?  Grass? Benches?  Who put the kibosh on the would be trees, grass, benches?  We may never know.  Some people blame “the neighbors.”  Others blame the City.  What we do know for sure is it’s just a big fat missed opportunity for a little green action in this concrete jungle.  

So now we are left with #RedTarIsland.  Maybe if we are lucky, some gorgeous planters will miraculously appear.  Fingers crossed!

If you would like to request trees for this area  – you can do it via 311! 


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