In light of the reports of former BPD officer Patrick Rose allegations, Mayor Kim Janey released the following statement:

As I have stated previously, my administration has pledged to bring a new era of transparency and accountability to all corners of city government. I have instructed the City’s Law Department, as counsel for the Boston Police Department, to immediately review former police officer Patrick Rose’s internal affairs file. In keeping with the law, any information that could compromise the identities of victims of sexual assault and domestic violence must be redacted. However, we have an equally compelling obligation to ensure transparency with the public because withholding information only serves to erode the public’s trust.

I have asked that the review and redaction happen as quickly as possible so that the file can be released to the public.

It is baffling that officer Rose was allowed to remain on the force for over two decades and ultimately led the patrolmen’s union. I was deeply disturbed to learn that there was no effort to prevent Rose from coming into contact with other minors after such serious charges were found to be credible by BPD’s own internal affairs probe of the original allegations in 1995.

Transparency and accountability are foundational values when it comes to fostering public trust, and this is especially true for law enforcement. That is exactly why my administration is doubling down on our work to implement police reform and to stand up Boston’s Office of Police Accountability and Transparency (OPAT). OPAT will have the authority to review all internal affairs cases, in addition to holding subpoena power to compel the release of records and enhance accountability when necessary.

We are in the process of finalizing an offer to hire an executive director to lead the critical work of OPAT, and our upcoming budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2022 includes significant funding to successfully launch this office. I look forward to announcing the executive director of OPAT in the coming days, and we will outline our plan for funding and resources to support the establishment of OPAT when we release our FY22 budget proposal on Wednesday.

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