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One step closer – two steps back to an inclusive parade

It seemed too good to be true – parade organizers and MassEquality coming to an agreement when it comes to an inclusive St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  On Saturday, the Boston Globe reported MassEquality – the statewide advocacy group for LBGTQ had been invited to march by the Allied War Veterans who organize the parade and it seemed as though the two decade long battle between parade organizers and gay marchers. 

But not so fast, the Allied War Veterans rule of marchers cannot wear shirts or hold signs bearing the word “gay” is not sitting well with MassEqualityThis “Don’t Ask.  Don’t Tell” situation could be a deal breaker. 

Mayor Marty Walsh who apparently really likes marching in our parade – has been working hard to bring both sides to the table and come to agreement.  Walsh is optimistic that a deal can be made.

So we shall see, Southie!  The parade is March 16th and it would be nice to usher in a new era for the St. Patrikc’s Day Parade and South Boston – an era that reflects our inclusive neighborhood of 2014.

Erin Go Bragh!



  1. Sean Barrett March 1, 2014 at 2:09 pm
    Their float is going to be fabulous.
  2. Joseph March 1, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    FYI:  There was no compromise to be had.  The requirement has always been by the Allied War Vets, and still is that gays could march but could not ever display any signs or banners or anything else that proclaimed their sexual preference. The gay groups had to this point, always rejected that condition.  The same rules applied to a Heterosexual group that made application to march in the parade several years back proclaiming their Irish American Heterosexual pride. They were told the same by the Allied War Vets: No! No group, gay or straight or anyone else would be allowed to have any sexual message whatsoever. The Allied War Vets held their ground on this . They did not back away from their stand. The Gay group granted permission to march this year has agreed to abide by the long standing rule.  Had they done this years ago, there would never have been an issue. Congrats to the South Boston Allied War Vets for holding firm in barring any and all sexual messages in a family themed parade. And well done to the gay group for finally understanding that rules are the same for everyone – no acceptions. Now, maybe the news media will finally move on and find some other non issue to sensationalize.

  3. Paul Adams Sr. March 1, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    What about the Veterans for Peace? Aren’t they the very People who put their asses on the line to make sure that we can have a Parade!?! A Parade is the Mothership of The First Amendment!

  4. Commone Sense March 3, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Time for both sides to insert some common sense. There was a time when people would compromise. But both on a national & local level, extreemist have take over on both sides. Problem is they are both the minority. A million plus people of all nationalities, sexual orientation still show up for this parade every year. Even under so call protest. Tells you is people are sick of both the radical left and Right. Marty Walsh did his best to come to a compromise that was fitting for both sides. He should have no reservations about marching as we all know what he is about.  Time for Wacko and The Liberal Gay groups to stop the madness and go away.      

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