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We have to admit, 48 hours goes by so quickly.  72 would be delightful but 48 is reasonable and we accept that Sunday morning at 8am – we say goodbye to our spot saver – a nice, sturdy, orange parking cone.  Goodbye, cone!  We loved having your marking our space and having access to luxurious parking right out in front of our house.  You made picking up and dropping off kids easier, running to the supermarket a snap, and the overall quality of life of South Boston a dream.  We will put our orange cone in our yard until the next storm.  We don’t want to take advantage.  But we are wondering, will all Southie residents feel the same? Will there be one or several jerks that try to get one over on their neighbors and ignore the 48 hour rule.  We would have to imagine yes.

Mayor Walsh announced at a post blizzard press conference that the Department of Public Works will be out on patrol collecting the “illegal” space savers.  He also stated he would not tolerate any threats in the form of notes.  “If we see these signs up there, I will instruct public works to pick up the space saver and throw them in the truck. We are not going to be threatening people,’’ Walsh said. 

So what do you think, Southie?  Will people heed to the mayor’s warning?  Will mean and nasty notes start appearing or will our neighborhood be civilized?  We are holding out hope that people will do the right thing.  Remember, we are all in this together (just the like the High School Musical song) and be kind to one another.   


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  1. Ed February 14, 2017 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    Nasty Notes are like Hockey fights–technically against the rules but sometimes necessary for the citizens to police themselves. #NNN

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