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Written by Betsy Walsh Frissora

When the 2 H Street project goes under construction, it will bring another massive new development to East 1st Street, providing opportunity for buyers, retail, construction jobs, and upscale architecture and landscaping to the ever-changing neighborhood.   The  project, already board approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority will add a large scale residential building with ground floor retail space on the eastern side of H Street, at E 1st Street, Vicksburg Street, and E 2nd Street.  The project will (almost) stretch the entire block. 

The $38 million dollar project, which is being developed by Peter Zagorianakos, has been changed since the original plan rolled out (due to resident concerns’ regarding it’s giant size).  The current plan for the development of 2 H street calls for the demolition of the current  23,700 sq.ft. two story structure that is currently on the plot of land known as 2H Street.  Once the demolition is complete, a new 133,626 sq.ft. three story elevator building will be constructed on the 66,313 sq.ft. plot of land.  The development will consist of 127 residential units (originally 135) and 183 parking spaces (originally 206) within a three level elevator building.  Of the 127 residential units, 67 of the units will be one bedroom units, 50 will be two bedroom units, and 10 will be three bedroom units (to target growing families looking to reside in Southie with their families as opposed to renting the apartment out to younger 20-somethings). 

There will be a 6,500 sq.ft. of ground-floor space for retail shop(s) and of that retail space 1,600 sq.ft. of it will be on the corner of East 1st Street and Vicksburg Street.  This will compliment the city’s plan to bring more retail to 1st Street.  The building plan calls for setbacks located on the sight, which include 6 foot setbacks along East 2nd Street and H Street, as well as a 10 foot setbacks from the North end of East 1st Street.  While in the original plan, the project built in a roof deck for residents, however, it has been taken out of the plan to satisfy residents and zoning issues.  It will, however, contain a large courtyard in the center of the building for residents to enjoy.   Together with the Distillery building project plans only a block away, 1st street is on it’s way to a major transformation!

Real estate updates according to the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services Eric Prentis:
The YMCA with a pool – part of the 621 East First Street project was approved by the BRA. 
The 728 East Broadway project – is dealing with environmental concerns/issues and needs to go before the Zoning Board of Appeals.  If the Boston Beer Garden moves into the new retail space at 728 East Broadway, another community meeting/process will be put into place. 



  1. Heather April 22, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    If they want to beautify E. 1st Street, they should build some kind of wall obfuscating the view of the K street power-plant substation.  I imagine it woudn’t cost much to put up a few cinder-blocks?

  2. Tom Edison April 23, 2014 at 10:37 pm
    This is an industrial area, if you don’t like the substation don’t move here. Or we can get rid of it, but you won’t be able to run your Subzero fridge.
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