$863.5 Million Allocated for Boston

BOSTON – Recently, State Senator Nick Collins joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts Legislature in announcing an agreement for the state’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget that will send a record $432,000,000 to the City of Boston, including $224,000,000 in Chapter 70 Education Aid and $208,000,000 in unrestricted aid.

The State also announced an additional $431,500,000 in one-time federal educational funding for Boston Public Schools through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund. 

“Proving access to a quality education is crucial to making Boston a city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. That’s why I am proud the State is stepping up with so much funding for our Boston Public Schools.”

Senator Collins recommends the City prioritize these funds to make improvements to school buildings, improve teacher to student ratios by reducing the number of students in each classroom, retrofit buildings to include better air circulation and facilities, and invest in student success by offering advanced work programs in every school, expand the Exam School Initiative (ESI), beginning as early as 4th grade and running through October of the students’ 6th-grade year and provide appropriate support – both before and during the school year – for exam school admittees. A graduate of Boston Latin School, he also supports a new objective assessment, developed by NWEA, as part of the admissions criteria for the City’s 3 Exam Schools. 

“It is important that our public schools offer pathways to high achievement. And competition is a good thing. But we have to offer a better baseline standard of public education in the school district in order to level the playing field,” said Senator Collins. “To get there, you have to pay for it. This increase is a once in a lifetime chance to invest and change the game for the system.”

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