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UPDATE: Boston Transportation Department has informed us Tuesday afternoon that the lanes of traffic heading East on West Broadway is now back to two lanes.  But be aware of the construction happening on either side of this intersection.

Thanks to a new mixed use development being built in Perkins Square, you may notice a change in traffic flow at the intersection of East/WestBroadway at Dorchester Street.  This intersection has always been a challenging one but now it may be mission impossible (temporarily we hope).

When you’re driving on West Broadway from F Street heading towards the West/East Broadway intersection, you’ll notice the newly painted double yellow lines no longer go straight.  They now turn towards the right pushing two lanes of traffic into one lane directly in front of the bus stop.

Traffic can get backed up along that block thanks to double-parking, ride share drop offs, etc.-  but now with two lanes merging into one at a bus stop, we can only imagine traffic will slow to a halt.

Also, along this block – there are now jersey barriers making space for some for construction equipment taking up parking on both sides.

We have a call into the City of Boston to find out exactly how long this intersection will be like this.

Hang in there, Southie!

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