In most school districts and private schools, winter sports are in full swing.  But not Boston Public Schools. In an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19, BPS has paused all athletics games and practices for winter sports. The announcement was made back in December with the hopes of sports returning by January 10th.  The date has come and gone and no word yet from BPS if sports will return anytime soon.

Some BPS students + parents have started a petition in the hopes to motivate the City of Boston and BPS to start the winter sport season.  You can read the petition here.

Newly elected City Council-at-Large Erin Murphy has voiced her support of winter sports returning through a statement released on Wednesday.  “Sports provide our children with way more than just the opportunity to exercise their bodies. There are social, health and psychological benefits that allow our kids to do better in life. As a mother of student athletes (Go BLA Dragons and Eagles!) who benefitted in so many ways from their time on school teams, and as a public school teacher who knows that educating the whole child has to include physical and social wellness to be successful, I will fight for school sports for our BPS kids.”

You can read the full statement below:


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