Step in the right direction

After a tragic and deadly motorcycle crash back in June at the intersection of N and Broadway, a community meeting was held to discuss traffic/pedestrian safety.

Recommendations and solutions offered at the meeting included eliminating N Street as a cut-through from Day Blvd, 4-way stop signs, raised sidewalks, in addition to traffic enforcement.

Well, a new sign has been installed at the corner of N and Day Blvd that reads, No Left turn Monday-Friday 7am-9am. 

The same sign is also posted at I and Day Blvd.  Both signs are there to deter commuters using South Boston as a cut-through to get to downtown.

Traffic enforcement is key in how effective these signs are.  State Police will need to be visible and will need to pull over drivers who violate the traffic restrictions at these two intersections.

It will be interesting to see if commuters still continue to cut-through and just continue down Day Blvd. to Farragut Road – which is a street notorious for drivers speeding, ignoring pedestrian cross walks and running the Stop sign at Farragut and Broadway.

Will this new sign at N and Day Blvd. help with traffic + pedestrian safety at N and Broadway? Time will tell but at least the sign is a step in the right direction.  There is still lots of work to be done. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Special thank you to Yvette McGrath for informing us about the new sign and her efforts to help make our community safer. 


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