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What the hell is going on?

We realize that parking in South Boston is a “challenge.” But that doesn’t mean you can just disobey the basic rules of living in a society. Over the past several weeks, we’ve noticed this new parking trend on Columbia Road along the *greenie. Basically, drivers edge the back or front of their vehicle into an open spot – not a parking spot – just an opening between two cars onto the greenie itself.

But this driver was like, “f it!” and backed into an opening and just left the front end sticking out onto the road.  We need to do better.  Do better! Park in a legal spot.

Also, just a friendly reminder, there is no beachside parking along Day Blvd. You can read about this here.

*definition of green – the strip of green grass between Columbia Road and Day Blvd. 

Thank you to @dwepic on Instagram for the photo!


  1. neil twomey April 14, 2023 at 1:16 pm - Reply


  2. Linda April 15, 2023 at 3:18 pm - Reply

    Ppl have been parking like this for months. They don’t care. They park in crosswalks along Carson beach. Just no respect.

  3. heather April 16, 2023 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    Maybe the driver had diarrhea, geez.

    Everyone is so quick to rush to judgement.

    • Maureen Dahill April 16, 2023 at 4:06 pm - Reply

      all the drivers that park like that? That car was parked like that all afternoon.

  4. Alex April 16, 2023 at 5:48 pm - Reply

    why are they jerks for doing this? every time I see this, the person isn’t blocking the flow of traffic from the roadway and they aren’t blocking anyone in. just seems like a creative solution to having no where to park. “just park in a legal spot” yeah okay good luck after 8pm

    • Maureen Dahill April 17, 2023 at 7:36 am - Reply

      Might as well start parking on the sidewalks and blocking driveways, right?

      • Alex DeCosta April 17, 2023 at 3:14 pm - Reply

        what? That’s a straw man argument if I ever saw one. No one is blocking any roadways, or cars like I stated in my previous comment. How could that be compared to blocking a driveway or parking on a sidewalk. This is just a creative solution to there being no place to put your car after 8pm every night. What makes them a jerk? When people take up two spots they are a jerk. These people aren’t being an inconvenience to anyone. You seem to just be upset because it’s “illegal”

        • Maureen Dahill April 17, 2023 at 3:33 pm - Reply

          Where gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. Parking on the grass is a complete jerk move.

  5. Tommy April 17, 2023 at 8:07 am - Reply

    If everyone parked like this, there would be more spots for people to park their cars. Angle parking on many South Boston streets is the way to go. They do “pilot programs” for many ridiculous things around here. Why not do a pilot program for something that might actually help people for a change? We can identify some city streets where angle parking might work and try it out? Oh wait, we can’t do that because it might make things a little easier for people who own cars. It wouldn’t work on every street, but there are many areas that it would. East Broadway comes to mind, as well as many of the one-way letter streets. Columbia Road from I Street to the Old Colony projects is another. If a tenth of the effort that the city uses in creating these road nightmares that they call “bike routes” was put into creating some additional parking spots, the neighborhood would be better off.

  6. Theresa April 17, 2023 at 4:53 pm - Reply

    I have to agree with the other comments here.
    I’m struggling to see how this person is parked like a “jerk.” They’re not blocking a crosswalk or driveway. This way of parking doesn’t seem to hurt anyone at all.

  7. Paul April 17, 2023 at 9:34 pm - Reply

    If the masses get used to parking like that it falls. back on the saying, give em an inch and they’ll take a mile. You watch, get three hot days in a row and the greenie will be a parking lot and outhouse from Old Harbor St to Farragut Road………..I might be wrong, but I doubt it.. lol

  8. Jim April 18, 2023 at 1:18 pm - Reply

    Tow ‘ em!

  9. Mike Thomas April 18, 2023 at 9:38 pm - Reply

    Southie used to be: park any way you can as long as it’s quick.
    Used to be,…period.
    I believe owning only one vehicle in Southie is ….maybe two., But no RV’s.., or rigs with boat trailers.
    No limit on golf carts,…yes, southie can once again rise ..as the golf cart capitol of Boston ;, parking on the green everywhere, even around the sugar bowl..
    No more double parking on East Broadway,.West Broadway,
    Now you can triple park.
    How’s that you silly complainer.

  10. Mike Thomas April 18, 2023 at 10:46 pm - Reply

    Ok,ok,…southie…wait, let me cap the s.
    Southie needs more golf carts.
    Like Christopher Walken needs more cowbell,…more cowbell, i need more cowbell !
    The golf cart capitol of Boston ?
    Stone cold Southie golf carts.
    Parking on the “greenies”all day.
    Around the sugar bowl..no problem!
    East Broadway, West Broadway, go ahead triple park.
    Trend setter community !!

  11. Frank T April 20, 2023 at 2:39 pm - Reply

    While not excusing this, I get the frustration if this is a southie resident, especially if it was a weekend. I am at a loss as to why Resident Parking is only on weekdays M – F 6 PM – 10 AM on most Southie streets. As a taxpayer living here, I can not even run errands on the weekend and come back without an out of state plate parked, taking 2 spaces in one, because they don’t care or respect others in trying to maximize parking for other neighbors. Seriously, what does it take to get the city to make the streets resident-only parking 7 days a week here?

  12. Kathy April 21, 2023 at 9:41 pm - Reply

    I wonder when they go home to their mommy and daddy’s house if they park on their lawn. Would mommy and daddy tell them it’s okay as long as they are not blocking their driveway. When you move to the big city, you sign up for the parking or lack thereof.

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