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Just released

Remember way back in the fall, before Snowmaggeddon 2015, The City of Boston Office Of Neighborhood Services – in particular our own Eric Prentis –  set out to walk the entire neighborhood – every mile and every square inch as part of the NEW (Neighborhood Engagement Walks) initiative.  Well, a new report just came out about this! 

What was the point of NEW?  To survey and evaluate infrastructure, challenges, and constituents concerns.  

What was Southie’s biggest infrastructure issue?  According to the report – sidewalks in need of repair.  Hmmm…now if they could only make the numbered streets one-way to allow for angled parking…..

To read the full report visit: http://www.cityofboston.gov/news/Default.aspx?id=20140

To read more about Eric Prentis visit: https://caughtinsouthie.com/people/characterofmonth/eric-prentis  He was our November 2014 Character of the Month!