Reynolds will establish a new team charged with addressing urgent challenges facing Boston’s economy, including nightlife

BOSTON – Wednesday, February 22, 2022 – Mayor Michelle Wu today announced that Corean Reynolds will serve as the new Director of Nightlife Economy for the City of Boston. In alignment with the Mayor’s vision to make Boston a city for everyone, Reynolds will establish a new team within the Economic Opportunity and Inclusion Cabinet tasked with recommending policies, programs, and initiatives to tackle long-standing urgent challenges facing Boston’s retention strategies, such as nightlife. Reynolds will start on Monday, March 6, 2023.

“We are working to create more opportunities for residents and businesses to help our night scene grow and bolster our local economy across the board,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “I’m grateful to Corean for her leadership and look forward to advancing our work for a culturally vibrant, inclusive city with economic opportunity and community welcoming to all.”

“Corean brings an important and unique perspective to the role of Director of Nightlife Economy, and I am glad to have someone join our team who is policy-focused and has experience with efforts to close the racial wealth gap,” said Segun Idowu, Chief of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion. “Her leadership and passion for economic inclusion will help us advance Mayor Wu’s vision of a city that has a robust, vibrant, and family-friendly nightlife economy for all residents and visitors.”

In this role within the Economic Opportunity and Inclusion Cabinet, Reynolds will be responsible for engaging internal and external stakeholders to better understand the post-pandemic challenges to a nightlife economy; working to redefine and reimagine late night in Boston; and analyzing citywide initiatives through a racial equity lens with the goal of achieving Cabinet-level priorities, which include advancing post-pandemic recovery efforts, revitalizing Boston’s neighborhoods, delivering equitable investments, and providing access to shared prosperity . Additionally, Reynolds will focus on citywide efforts that help residents build generational wealth, establish Boston as a family friendly city, and foster and retain local talent.

“It is an honor to serve as Boston’s Director of Nightlife Economy and I want to thank Mayor Wu for giving me this opportunity to create a robust nightlife economy that is inclusive of all races, cultures, abilities, sexual orientations, income levels, gender expressions, family statuses, and ages,” said Corean Reynolds, incoming Director of Nightlife Economy. “Boston’s communities are already abundant with resources and this unique role will allow me to liaise between the Wu Administration and the flourishing business community, to strengthen and amplify the communities and businesses that already exist in Boston, while identifying new opportunities to expand connectivity, access, and equity amongst Boston’s diverse population.”

Corean Reynolds most recently served as the Director of Economic Inclusion at the Boston Foundation, primarily focused on the development and evaluation of their economic development strategy to support their portfolio of current and prospective grantee partners. Reynolds also focused on policy, advocacy and research on ways to create a more inclusive business ecosystem. Additionally, Reynolds co-founded and managed internal operations for the Boston Foundation’s Business Equity Fund, designed to address long-standing barriers to growth financing that have historically limited opportunity for Black and Latino entrepreneurs. Prior to her work at the Boston Foundation, Reynolds supported Workforce, Supplier, and Diversity Development at the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

“I am excited to see Mayor Wu create a position that will be integral to improving Boston’s attractiveness as a city for all,” said Sheena Collier, Founder and CEO of Boston While Black. “I have worked with Corean on a number of projects over the years and know that she will bring a thoughtful perspective, putting into action her years of behind the scenes work on Boston’s most important issues. I will be looking to her as a key partner in moving Boston forward!”

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Corean Reynolds witnessed the effects of neighborhood deterioration and its impact on community residents and local businesses, which inspired her to become an advocate for her community. This passion has led Reynolds, an El Mundo 2022 Latino 30 Under 30 recipient, to serve on a variety of boards and committees including as a member of English for New Bostonians Board of Directors and the Coalition for an Equitable Economy. Previously, Reynolds served as a steering committee member for Amplify Latinx PowerUp LatinxBiz, Center for Women and Enterprise, and the Greater Boston Immigrant Defense Fund. Reynolds holds a Bachelors of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from Michigan State University. Reynolds is also a classically trained Soprano and has performed internationally from the age of 11.



  1. What A Great… February 24, 2023 at 12:40 am - Reply

    …idea! Keep this once-great, now third-world cesspool open 24/7! Because getting shot or stabbed and/or pushed onto train tracks is SO much more fun after dark!
    And where, pray tell, did Madam Wutin cull this new “Nightlife Czar” from, you may ask? Why, Chicago of course! The word is out in Chicago, obviously. Boston is it. “Damage done “ in Chicago, time to head East. This “old friend” of hers is just the newest addition to her already-more-than $6m office payroll.

    Wake up, Boston. She has an agenda. A very malevolent agenda.

  2. Koz February 25, 2023 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    Wu has to be a “ one and done” mayor. She’s clueless on what’s going on in the neighborhoods. She insists on sticking to identity politics as a key hiring criteria. If that’s the litmus test, there wasn’t a single qualified Bostonian in the minority community to fill the role of “Night Tzar ? How about stopping the date rape drug ketamine which is prevalent in Southie for starters., Then focus on the booze bag economy.

    Wu makes the late but great Tom Menino look like a Rhodes Scholar. Mayor Wu makes me miss the Urban Mechanic.

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