UPDATE: The removal of tents and encampments in the Mass + Cass area will begin the week of October 25th. Those living in the will be asked to move and offered a spot in a shelter.

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Boston Business Journal is reporting that Mayor Kim Janey is expected to unveil a new plan to help with the whole Mass + Cass situation including the prohibition of tents and encampments on public streets. Janey is scheduled to hold a press conference on the plan at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon.

According to the article, under a new executive order, those living in tents or encampments will be given notice of the ban and offered a spot at a shelter and mental health or addiction services.

This breaking news comes on the heels of public health warning via Boston Public Health Commission about leptospirosis – a dangerous rat-borne disease that puts the homeless at “high risk” due to the high rodent population near encampments at Mass + Cass.

Good lord!


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