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We are sad to report that the Castle Island Association (CIA) has decided to cancel this year’s Magic Halloween Castle event. Citing lack of volunteers, the fact that most of the current volunteers are senior citizens and live outside of the neighborhood, the CIA has decided to not hold the event for the 2022 season.

Caught in Southie reached out to the CIA to see if we could rally some volunteers to help make this year’s event a possibility.  But alas, it does not seem like it will happen. Here’s the message we received:

“While we are very grateful that so many people would be willing to help with our Halloween event, it is too late in the season to try to hold the event. It takes months, not weeks, of preparation to organize and host our Children’s Magical Halloween Castle. In addition, the rooms which are decorated and where the Storytellers and Magician perform have been closed for 3 years. Since these rooms have little or no ventilation, it would not be healthy or comfortable for the volunteers who would be spending hours decorating those rooms or for the thousands who would be visiting those rooms. Hopefully, we can get the same kind of support next year and be able to host our Children’s Magical Halloween Castle again.”

Also, according the CIA, it appears that there is also structural damage to Fort Independence causing public tours to be suspended.

If you are interested in volunteering for the CIA? – There will be a monthly meeting on Saturday at 10am held in the Signal Corps Building, the wooden structure to the right of the playground – due to the fact Fort Independence is closed.  

For decades, the CIA would transforms Fort Independence at Castle Island into a family friendly Halloween showcase with thousands of families attending. Hopefully, we can rally as a community and start planning for the 2023 Magic Halloween Castle.

Wonder if the idea of Fright Island will be offered up again? 


  1. Boooooo… September 15, 2022 at 3:18 pm - Reply

    …( pun fully intended).
    So…if the Castle is closed, then…what’s with the guilt trip? Lack of volunteers? I don’t recall reading or hearing anything about “volunteers needed”. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about that but…enough with the “playing victim” nonsense. It’s rampant in this country right now but I think we’re better than this.
    Hopefully we’ll be back at it down the Island next year. ..and with a little more notice than this , and I say this respectfully, utterly useless “hindsight” I’m reading right now.

  2. Maureen Murray September 15, 2022 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    Whoa … slow your roll, negative commenter guy! The CIA has a right to be disappointed that they’ve lost members and that they again can’t have the Halloween Castle event. It’s been a great event. and it will be missed. I don’t read their entry as anyone “playing the victim” and I don’t think their post is “nonsense” in any respect . Some things are rampant in this country, that’s for sure, and vitriolic online posts are on the top of that list! Dial it back, man! I hope lots of people take this opportunity to sign up to help Castle Island Association , that DCR is able to successfully repair/ improve the rooms used, and that the Halloween Castle returns in a big way in 2023. Best of Luck.

    • Hey, Um, “Moe”…? September 22, 2022 at 5:07 pm - Reply

      Why would you presume to call the poster “guy” ….or “man”? Sexist much?

      Not cool, “Moe”. Not cool. You’re not exactly averse to a little “vitriol” yourself, huh “Moe”?

  3. Chris Caramanica September 16, 2022 at 9:18 am - Reply

    I am working now to determine how to ignite willing younger reliable volunteers
    for next year’s event and for years to come.
    I will post on Facebook and Twitter for starters. Many friends in High places want to help find Volunteers.

    • Sounds Like A Plan… September 22, 2022 at 5:16 pm - Reply


  4. Trudie Munroe September 16, 2022 at 8:30 pm - Reply

    how does someone become a member of the CIA

    • Maureen Dahill September 17, 2022 at 10:33 am - Reply

      I think if you go to the website – which is in the post – it tells you how to be a member or how to volunteer.

  5. Linda Lynch September 19, 2022 at 3:56 pm - Reply

    Wow Boooooooooooo. apparently you have never volunteered for anything, but just took everything on the receiving end. There is absolutely no guilt trip on their part. But they certainly don’t need someone with your attitude in their association.

    • I’ll Ask Again: September 22, 2022 at 5:14 pm - Reply

      Is the Haunted House cancelled because the Castle is closed or because of a lack of volunteers? Which is it? It’s a simple question.

      I’m sure they’ll be back better than ever next year with good ol’ Linda Lynch as their mouthpiece.

      Good luck with that.

  6. Old Southie girl October 29, 2022 at 9:47 am - Reply

    lived in southie all my life not southie any more,not home used to walk up Broadway and meet at least 20 people you knew now you’re lucky to meet one. how about bout bringing back the red shirts and giving you the pride in their community, themselves,jobs and you can get some of your volunteers from their and maybe strengthen the community and remind and show people what the real southie was like not all apt. blgs.bars and restaurants. it was so much fun taking the kids bowling Sundays after Mass and more I miss it also all those bldg block the sun 🌞 sorry to see southie go as I ve heard it called SOBO lol another family and close friends community gone to make a buck not a proud, productive,loyal child to adult Sorry but it’s not fair to put it all on the parents remember it takes a village well I think I ve said rough Sad to watch home disappearing little by little

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