Maybe it was the rain and the 60 degree temperatures on Thursday.  Or maybe it was the fact the calendar read September 22nd  – Autumn begins. But the real sign that fall has arrived in Southie is Starbucks at L + Broadway sold out of every pumpkin item on the its menu.

Caught in Southie reader and Carlisle Group real estate agent Emily Nichols shared this image with us.

And yes, as basic as pumpkin is perceived, it’s clearly a crowd favorite for South Boston.

Also, just a friendly reminder to support our local coffee shops – you can check out our roundup here! 

Image via Starbuck on Instagram



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  1. Is This One Of Those… September 23, 2022 at 5:31 am - Reply

    ….”White problems” the Teenager-In-Chief referenced when she insulted an entire roomful of citizens/race of people at the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast?

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