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What is going on?  There is a plague upon us!  Tiny moths are invading the skies of Southie.  They lurk in bushes and trees.  Gather near windows and doors and dart about your face.  Where the heck are they coming from?  Well, that seems to be a bit of a mystery.  They could in fact be gypsy moths.  You know the spawn of the pesky caterpillars that ruined acres of trees -roughly  9 million acres from Maine to Maryland – back in 1981!  But where the heck are the caterpillars?

According to the Associated Press, last year’s dry spring, combined with the more recent dry weather stretch, has helped to cause the rebirth of the gypsy moth caterpillar especially in southern New England. Scientists say this year’s crop of caterpillars is one of the largest they’ve seen since the ’80s – how retro!

Some scientists even go so far to warn that next year could be even worse, thanks to the fact there hasn’t been much wet weather to spark a fungus that kills the dreaded gypsy moth!

So could these little buggers be blowing in from the south?  We haven’t seen any gypsy moth caterpillars around.  Maybe the moths heard the Southie is THE place to live.  Whatever the case, Southie is currently under siege of the dreaded moths!  Take cover!

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  1. mplo July 11, 2016 at 2:12 am - Reply

    Oooh….those gypsy moths also look rather repulsive. Let;s hope that the tide can be stemmed soon enough so that this kind of infestation won’t happen anywhere, let alone spread to other places.

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