Dear Neighbor:

Since we began our campaign for State Representative in the spring, I’ve stayed true to our commitment of running a positive, clean campaign on the issues.  Today, in an act of desperation, my opponent has chosen to sling mud in an attempt to distract voters from his lack of commitment and service to our community.  Now it is time to set the record straight.

I am proud to have earned twice the support of my opponent from our neighbors here in South Boston and across the 4th Suffolk District, per our recent campaign finance report.

What my opponent doesn’t want you to know is that he has received thousands of dollars in contributions from developers and real estate professionals.

What he also doesn’t want you to know is that his campaign is being financed in part by state contractors who have given him maximum contributions, and who boast of hundreds of millions of dollars in state contracts on their own website, all at the taxpayer’s expense.  These state contractors regularly lobby state officials to secure lucrative contracts to build and develop state property and assets.

If my opponent is worried about the influence of special interests, he would have returned these contributions immediately.

What my opponent also doesn’t want you to know is that his campaign is being run by the same “consultants” who tried to permit the Olympics and IndyCar that would have had catastrophic impacts on our community.  Ironically, these same “consultants”, who account for 1/3 of all my opponent’s campaign spending, represent large developers with business before City Hall and the State House.

(From Channel 5 Investigates story: Boston Grand Prix questionable spending exposed – 12/14/16)

The choice in this race is clear.

I have a record of advocacy in this district. My opponent does not.
I have a lifetime of service to this community.  My opponent does not.
I have opposed irresponsible development in this district. My opponent has not.
I opposed turning Gate of Heaven into condos and have publicly opposed the unacceptable Boston Edison project. My opponent has not. 

My opponent talks about being from a 4th generation South Boston family, but while you and I were fighting for the neighborhood, my opponent was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t even living here. He spent the better part of a decade bouncing around from city to city. While I was focused on South Boston, he was focused on Somerville and Salem.

But he’s back now, telling you that although he’s never done anything for this community before, he has all the answers to fix our problems.

Of course, this “fresh voice” campaigned against our Congressman Stephen Lynch. His campaign is backed by individuals who have financial interests in hundreds of millions of dollars in state contracts.  This “fresh voice” is backed by the consulting company that tried to shove the Olympics and IndyCar down our throats and as those of us who were here at the time surely remember, those ill-conceived ideas were supposed to fix all of our problems, too.

These are strange choices for the “fresh voice” that supposedly has our best interests in his heart.

I am aligned with the hard-working families of this district. I always have been. I am proud of the work we have done together and I have the drive, knowledge, and experience to continue this fight. And I am confident that my friends and neighbors will be able to see through the desperate, hypocritical last gasp of my opponent’s campaign.

As my opponent attempts through desperate acts over Labor Day weekend to buffalo the people of South Boston and the 4th Suffolk District, I’ll be focused on the issues that need fixing and issues that are important to you. My opponent is not, and that speaks volumes.


  1. Interesting... September 1, 2018 at 10:49 pm - Reply

    Nice deflection. You failed to discuss/explain the developers contribution to your campaign.

    • Andrew W. September 2, 2018 at 6:31 pm - Reply

      With respect to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance report, that’s why they publish the data, there’s nothing to “discuss/explain” about a donation beyond acknowledging that you can remain unbiased despite the source. As a Dave Biele supporter, I believe he has done that, talking about the developments he has both supported and opposed, describing himself as pro-“appropriate development.” Continuing to make the campaign about the donors after a party has acknowledged the potential conflicts and affirmed their willingness to remain open minded distracts from the substance of the issues and I consider it to be an admission of defeat on the merits. We should no more force Maureen Dahill to “discuss/explain,” her donations (per the campaign finance report) either, as I think she’s demonstrated she can provide a balanced forum during the election, agnostic as to her own personal views. Same goes for Matt Rusteika, if he were to acknowledge the potential for conflicts in his own donor pool and affirm his commitment to independence that should be sufficient.

  2. Eric K September 2, 2018 at 2:49 pm - Reply

    David Beale is going win going away on Tuesday. Rustieka reminds too many peopl of a young Fidel Castro coming down from the Sierra Madres (Somerville) to rescue the unwashed masses of Southie. Sorry, we recognize a charlatane when we see one. David Beale is a well educated, self made man . He will have credibility on day one with beacon hill colleagues. Politics is about compromise not bomb tossing. Beale has run his campaign with class & dignity. Rustieka is the Che Guevara of Boston want-a-be politicians. Sorry ain’t gonna happen!

  3. Husky87 September 2, 2018 at 3:14 pm - Reply

    Rusteika doesn’t stand for anything. His father has connections to wealthy contractors. He apparently purchased/owned a home in Salem… much for struggling to pay the rent. His credentials even as a young person are fake. The guy bought a house and then goes around South Boston talking about rising rents and displacement? Wow. He also campaigned against Congressman Lynch in Somerville (where he made a different failed attempt to hold public office). Incredible. Dave will get things done. He actually cares about this community. It is a no-brainer to me.

  4. Jenn Menjin September 4, 2018 at 10:12 am - Reply

    Why isn’t Biele’s campaign office listed at all under the website that shows all of his data? Even if it was donated, it would need to be listed. No rent listed, no utility payments, nothing. Something smells fishy.

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