With temperatures creeping up to the 70’s on Friday, residents from far and wide are looking for sunshine and fresh air and evidently hot dogs and cheeseburgers (fish + chips and grilled cheese for all you Catholics into giving up meat on Fridays during Lent).

Get a load of the boardwalk heading out to Castle Island around 12pm.  It’s THE place to be.  And here’s the line at Sully’s!  

If you are currently in line or venturing out to Sully’s, please for the love of God, leave your scooter outside, have your order ready to go in your head and then step to the side. Here’s a refresher on How to Order at Sullivan’s. 

Another insider’s tip: never go when it’s nice out. Wait for a rainy day – Sully’s will be line-free!

Tag us in your Castle Island and Sully’s photos #CaughtinSouthie

Thank you to Dave for sharing this photo – and thank you to Peter for sharing this video! 

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