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Almost five years after Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana (68% of South Boston residents actually vote overwhelmingly for cannabis business), South Boston could see its first cannabis shop. Holland Brands has proposed a cannabis shop at 538 East First Street. They have a hearing before the ZBA in July for approval. Regardless of how you feel about marijuana or its legalization, it helps to be informed. Here’s the breakdown!

The location

Holland Brands would like to develop an old factory building on East First and K Streets. The reason the location of East First Street was selected was due to the fact it is in the more industrial part of the town and not smack dab in the heart of the residential neighborhood.  Also cannabis shops can’t open within 500 feet of a school.

How big will the shop be?

In addition to the 3,000 square foot retail shop, there will be offices and support, community space and 36 parking spots.

What exactly will the shop be selling?

The facility is open to adults 21 years and older.  Unlike liquor stores, which is open for underage customers to purchase non-alcoholic items like chips and soda, the age limit here is strictly adhered to.  Sales will include all the typical items that would be found in a cannabis establishment – packaged “flower” which is just cannabis in its original state, edible products, and products that can be consumed using a vaporizer pen, similar to tobacco products.  Products are labeled as clearly as possible and put in child-resistant packages.  In addition, each product has a traceable RFID code adhered to the product.

Community Givebacks

Here are some ways the community could benefit from the new shop in the neighborhood

  • 50% of all hires will be South Boston residents. Holland will pay its employees $18 an hour
  • Exclusive Use of 4000 square feet of Community Space
  • Six Figure annual contributions to organizations within the South Boston community.
  • Overnight parking for direct abutters
  • All customers will sign a Good Neighbor Agreement
  • Mandatory community service days for employees
  • These contributions to the community surpass any legal requirements for a cannabis business and other applicants for the South Boston community may not provide residents with any community benefits.

To learn more about the proposal for the Holland Brands cannabis shop at 538 East First Street, you can visit here. 

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