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…..and other rumors generating on Facebook.  Good lord, what the hell is wrong with people?  Do people actually believe that a historic landmark like Fort Independence at Castle Island is going to be developed into a resort?  Come on!  We’re smarter than this…or are we?

So on the Southie Community Board someone posted (from Randolph by the way) that “historic Castle Island is under pressure to become a rented resort for the wealthy only.”  What the hell?   First, it’s a historic landmark on state property.  Second, it’s right near an airport so unless it’s a one level resort for the elite, it’s never going to happen.

Then the next rumor to pop up in the comments under this post was “Rumor has it that a private contractor will get 18 days to rent it out at $35 a head and alcohol will be served.”  

The truth is a “Fright Island” a “Spooky World” type of attraction is be being proposed for 19 days in October at Fort Independence at Castle Island.  The producers of this event are expecting 15,000 total in attendance with 780 people per night – roughly 200 people per hour.  It would be open from 7pm-11pm.

Included in Fright Island will be 3-4 Haunted Attractions, 3 outdoor “scare zones” and “Macabre Village” which is basically a food court which will serve beer and wine.  There will also be a Jack-lantern Walk – which will display carved pumpkins and “Monster Midway” which will be carnival games.

At $35 a pop for admission price, Fright Island producers will potentially make $525,000.  We’re not including food or beer and wine and most likely t-shirts and other swag.  In Fright Island’s proposal there is a sentence that says “Money will be donated to the Castle Island Association and other charities.”  Okay, that seems awfully vague.  First, is the Castle Island Association a 501c3 and what are the funds raised for the CIA applied to. i.e. maintaining Fort Independence etc?  Nothing against Bill Spain and the CIA but I’m curious as to how much money they raise and what exactly it goes to.   Second, how will the local charities be decided etc?

Another question you may be asking, “so what about the CIA’s Magical Castle the free family friendly event that normally happens in October?”  That will still be happening but it will be called “Friendly Island” and will be part of the larger production.  “As part of our partnership with the DCR, we are going to create a free event at Castle Island that families can enjoy.”  Great, thanks.  The proposal also states, “we will piggy back off of the long standing Castle Island Halloween event to help make that bigger and better while adding some help in running it.” Hmmm…..  Ultimately it will be the DCR that will accept or deny this proposal.

As to traffic and parking, we’re hoping there is a plan in the works.  But with potentially 750 plus people coming through the event each night, we’d have to imagine, that to the residents of South Boston, both parking and traffic will be the scariest part of Fright IslandYikes! 

But then again, if it’s a huge success, maybe we can just turn Castle Island into a theme park!

There will be a community meeting on Saturday, June 18th at 10am at the Curley Recreation Center to discuss Fright Island. 

(Insider’s scoop: Fright Island initially was proposed for George’s Island – the most scariest of all the Harbor Island.  It was eventually rejected due to logistic and potential ferry issues.)

More to follow!



  1. Corey June 16, 2016 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    Oh my! Is this an onion article?

  2. Angry June 17, 2016 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    This is certainly is a “Fright ” to think that they can came and take over Castle Island. When the Tall Ships came it was so crowded with people you would not believe. Why should they think of this stupid thing. What about the Castle Island Association who on the weekend give tours of the Fort and its history. Also on Halloween they also have their yearly party for the kids and they foot the event. Who is going to make a profit???? Where are the cars going to park???, some days you have to go around and around to get one if you are lucky. Where are the people who walk, run every evening to go. Are they going to left the ban for them when the close it at 11:00 every evening so there can be no drag racing??? I not in favor of this at all. Go to some other Island in the Harbor…….

  3. catherine o'connor June 18, 2016 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    Please no Fright Island at Castle Island. It would be so disrespectful to those who fought there. What is happening here??????????/ Please don’t eve consider it.

  4. Justin Woelfel June 19, 2016 at 6:47 am - Reply

    Sorry to disagree with all of you but the potential that this event has is tremendous. There is an event like this in Rhode island in a fort much like the one at castle island. I have also done research about the potential revenue that local businesses could get with an event like this. I for one would love this to happen and I also spend hours of my free time looking at haunted houses. I am obsessed, and I think this event could be run like the time that spooky world worked out of fenway for one season. Would love this to happen.

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