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Bill Linehan

Although he’s running unopposed, Bill Linehan still wants your vote for District 2 city councilor on Tuesday, November 3rd.  As part of an Election Day Series, here’s a little Q&A with City Council President and South Boston resident Bill Linehan:

South Boston is in parking crisis mode.  What are your ideas on how to create parking spots? Since getting elected, I have worked with SB Electeds and transportation officials from the City and State to create over 500 new resident parking spaces. We continue to scour the neighborhood looking for additional spots.  I support off street parking within the core neighborhood that takes two or more spots off the street and do not support development with less than one for one. I will continue to work with the Transportation Department to add more parking for the neighborhood, like angle parking on Broadway, which could enhance the business district and metered could keep folks moving and not lingering. Also, expanding hours of visitor parking to 4 hours instead of 2 hours at posted locations will help facilitate visitor parking. As well as, making all school parking available to residents at night, those with a resident sticker. Encourage developers to consider rental space parking facility especially in dense locations.  South Boston has too many cars for the amount of spaces.  Resident stickered vehicles out-weigh the spots available.  Always looking for thoughtful suggestions

Tell us about the 2% alcohol tax and why you are so passionate about it.  Boston needs a comprehensive coordinated effort connecting those in need of recovery to with recovery services. Half of all those looking for treatment for addiction cannot access it because we do not have adequate addiction resources. This results in more deaths and social destruction. As a city we have the skills but not the capacity to handle the problem. Resources are needed. In 2010, Boston votes opposed the repeal of the 6.25% alcohol tax. Our proposal is much more modest and spreads the responsibility to all alcohol sales. 

Did you like the one-ways? I was part of the decision process to implement the one ways during the snow crisis of 2015. I also agreed that if you ever were going to entertain keeping some or all that a process with the community needed to be initiated. I supported the Mayor’s effort to extend the deadline to evaluate and consider one way streets.  The process was to volatile, neighbors pitted against neighbors and the process was halted and streets returned to prior directions.

Are you for spot savers?  The term spot saver is somewhat misleading. The culture of recognizing a neighbor’s effort of snow removal has been going on in our town since I can remember.  You clean it, I will not rob you of that effort and occupy the space that you have cleaned. The marker is indicative of the work and that you plan to return. Neighbors know and generally respect this, visitors generally don’t. There are no ordinances or laws that dictate how you might hold a spot. In the South End, the neighborhood residents don’t want such a culture and ask all residents not to place markers after clearing snow. Outcome is free for all, people do not move cars, and those that do clear, clear just enough to get out and leave a mess. Freezes overnight and become a mountain range to get over to use the space after being vacated. No easy solution. Respect your neighbors’ efforts and snow removers respect your neighbors need for access. It’s not about rights, it’s about respecting your neighbor.

What the heck happened to the 7 day Resident Only Parking Pilot Program? It was successful, obviously. I plan to expand the effort throughout the rest of South Boston.  The intention was to use City Point as the test area, if it worked it, go to other sections of SB, After 90 days it was evaluated 2000 tickets in ten weekends for violators. Obviously visitors were occupying spaces that residents needed to get in and out on weekends.  

Name something that people would be surprised to learn about you?  That I am not as young and smart as I look.

Why should people vote for you?  Unopposed, this year I would hope people when going to the polls would still fill the box next to my name.  Whether you may not always agree with what I have done on your behalf, I have given my best effort over the past 8 + years that you have allowed me to serve. But I especially hope folks go out on November 3rd and vote for the At Large City Council candidates who supported me and South Boston. Please vote for our own Michael Flaherty, along with Steve Murphy and Michelle Wu. They have proven they work for us all.

To learn about Bill Linehan you can visit: http://www.linehanforcitycouncil.org


  1. Huh October 31, 2015 at 4:50 am

    not one softball question about mbta?  What a joke. 

  2. Anonymous October 31, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    Why no mention of the developers who build units without parking? They are so far up his ass he approves anything they request. Check out who makes contributions to his campaign, it reads like the who's who of contractors.

    Why should we give him a vote? Because these developers don't live here and can't vote for him?

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