Didn’t school just end? But here we are discussing what school will look like in the fall thanks to COVID-19 hanging around for the unforeseen future. We’ve got the breakdown of the tentative plan.

Back to the classroom?

Doesn’t look like that. There will be more of blended approach of remote school and brick and mortar school aka hybrid approach.

So what is the hybrid approach?

According to the Boston Globe, students would go to school in person Mondays and Tuesdays or Thursdays and Fridays. On the days the students aren’t at brick and mortar school, they’ll learn remotely via online. Everyone would learn remotely on Wednesdays. Teachers would be expected to teach the students in person and the ones logging in remotely.

Sounds like a lot of work

Yes, especially when teachers will be responsible for teaching kids at home and in front of them in the classroom. Issues have already been expressed to the school committee across the district.

What about special ed students?

Special education students could have the opportunity to go to school four or five days a week due to small class size which will allow students and teachers to keep 6 feet apart.

What about high school kids?

High schools might consider rotating students each week instead of every two days.

What if you have two kids at the same school?

Well, you’ll have the option of sending siblings to school on the same days.

What if COVID-19 infection rates go up?

Well, school will then be shut down.

What about BPS schools with poor conditions?

Some school have windows that don’t open or poor air quality in the building – many of which were built before WWI. BPS will analyze each classroom for safety issues.

When will be know for sure what school will look like?

It’s fluid. A “comprehensive plan” is not due to the state until August 10th. The state has also asked for three models of instruction including entirely in-person, entirely remote and a hybrid of the two. Bottom line, safety is key and school will not look like the good old days when students attended in person 5 days a week.

You can read more details about this here.

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