Lots of changes coming to the neighborhood

After years of hosting meetings and workshops, compiling data, and getting feedback from the community, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) has recently released PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Transportation Plan. 

Transportation wish list items mentioned in the report include: improving bus service including new and extended bus routes to Dorchester, the Seaport, North Station, Downtown and the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, plus the installation of bike lanes, improvement to pedestrian infrastructure, a traffic relief plan – including a new rotary at Andrew Square (yes, a rotary) and general transportation safety improvements.

There were two areas studied in the neighborhood:

The Primary Study Area (Study Area) includes the 144 acres (mostly privately owned) in the area roughly bounded by West Fourth and Silver streets to the north (near the Broadway MBTA Red Line station), the rail yards to the west, General William Devine Way to the south, and Old Colony Avenue and B Street to the east.

The Secondary Study Area (Secondary Study Area) extends northward to Traveler and East 2nd Street, west to the Southeast Expressway, and east to West First and Dorchester Street, with the south boundary the same as in the Primary Study Area.

Climate Change and Resiliency

As one neighborhood watch dog pointed out on social media – there are only three pages on resiliency and a flood plan included in the 180 page document.


Most importantly, you can check out the recommendations of this report starting on page 95 and include public safety, transforming the Red Line, new head houses for Andrew and Broadway, connecting the Seaport District, to major improvements to Andrew Square including a new “peanut” shaped rotary. (Have we learned nothing about rotaries? Currently, there is a study going on to try an improve Kosciuszko Circle – aka the Rotary from Hell. We predict the new “peanut” rotary will be congested during rush hour but what the heck do we know!)

You can read the full South Boston Dorchester Avenue Transportation Plan here!  A reminder – it’s a 180 pages long.  So pour yourself another cup of coffee (or wine) and dive in!

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