Good grief!

Second only to Philadelphia, Boston has the second highest number of rat and mouse sightings in the 15 most populated cities in the US. New Census data shows Philly with 18.9% of all rodent sightings, while Boston had 18.38%. Both were well above the national average of 11.5%.

On the brighter side, Boston only has 2.9% of cockroach sightings! Lucky, Houston has the highest roach population, with 35.34% of all sightings. Gross!

Rodent infestation has clearly been a problem in neighborhoods across the city. So much so, City Councilors Ed Flynn and Lydia Edwards filed a hearing to discuss issues relating to pest control and illegal dumping in the City of Boston. The hearing is intended to discuss measures that the city can take to respond to the recent uptick in rodent activities, as well as ways to curb illegal dumping in our city.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, many neighbors have contacted me regarding their concerns about pest control and the prevention of illegal dumping. With the noticeable increase in rodents over the last year, it’s important that we discuss measures for effective pest control and keeping our streets clean,” said Councilor Flynn.



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