As a small business owner, during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you expect last-minute shoppers, gift card purchases, returns, suggestions, and wrapping of items, but you don’t expect to get robbed. Love Child, a gift, bottle, and bloom shop located on West Broadway, was robbed on Friday. Although the suspects only got away with bottles of booze, it was still traumatizing for the staff working.

The Boston Police were called, and a report was filed.  But the story does not end there.  Colleen, one of the owners of Love Child, and her husband Andrew were at Capo grabbing dinner and drink at the bar and met life-long Southie resident Mark Rooney (of the legendary Rooney Family with 11 boys) and began to chat. While they were talking, Colleen received the call that Love Child had been robbed. Needless to say, it was quite upsetting.  Rooney was moved to post the following message on Facebook:

And Southie heard Mark’s message and did what South Boston does best: show love and support in times of need.  Residents stopped by and picked up gifts and bottles of wine, and words of support and encouragement,  and made Saturday a record-breaking sales day at Love Child!

Colleen posted the following message on Instagram:

And just like a Hallmark Christmas movie, this story has a very happy ending.


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