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Did you see the signs hanging on the traffic lights at the corner of L and 5th in Southie? Well, evidently someone is so angry and upset with “Al” that they took to Sharpie markets, old cardboard boxes and blue painters tape to create signs for all of Southie to see….well if you happen to pass that corner.

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What is the beef about?  What did Al do to Chris that was “unfair?”  Local comedian and friend of CIS – Will Noonan alerted us to the drama unfolding at this intersection.  Our instincts were right when we suspected it had something to do with that make-shift dog pop up shenanigans going on across the street at the Monsignor Powers apartments at L and Fifth.   Will Noonan investigated and confirmed that the handwriting does in fact match on all signs.

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We are still investigating what the feud is between Al and Chris.  You can follow Will Noonan and his live coverage of this mystery on Twitter.  You can also follow Caught in Southie for minute to minute updates because frankly, we have nothing else going on.

More to follow! 


  1. Brent Parks June 16, 2016 at 8:01 pm - Reply

    Wait, what?

  2. Mark watson June 17, 2016 at 12:38 pm - Reply

    The problem is Chris is a very nice guy and is willing to do anything for anyone. Al is the manager at Cumberland farms. Now Chris has been going there for years spending tons of money and helping them out for free just to do it. Chris will sweep the parking lot for them when he sees its dirty, Chris will stock there coffee for them when he sees they are busy. Chris will sit out front and watch people’s dogs while they run inside to get what they need. One day Al walks up to Chris and says hey nice job sweeping the parking lot but you can’t be sitting out front of the store like that it’s making my business look bad. But in reality Chris has been helping them for years and everyone knows him if anything he is helping them keep there customers!!!!

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