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In addition to voting for president and register of deeds, on Tuesday you’ll be voting on 5 ballot questions. Here’s a quick breakdown of what your vote means:

Question 1 – slot machines

Expanding slot machine gaming in the state. A yes vote would allow a second slots parlor in Massachusetts. The 2011 gambling law currently allows for up to three resort casinos and one slots parlor. The one and only slots parlor is Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville. A no would mean you don’t want to see another slots parlor in the state.

Question 2 – charter schools

Increasing the amount of charter schools in the state. A yes vote means you want to lift the current cap on charters schools and add up to 12 new charter schools per year. Supporters of lifting the cap believe it will give students more choices. A no vote means you don’t want the cap on charter schools lifted. Supporters of no on 2 believe that we should be investing in our public schools and improving the existing public schools we already have.

Question 3 – Size requirement for caged farm animals.

A yes vote means you want the pigs and chickens to be able to turn around in their cages. A yes means prohibiting the sale of eggs, veal or pork of a farm animal “confined in a cruel manner” meaning the animal can lie down, stand up and fully extend their limbs and turn around freely. A no vote is a vote against prohibiting the sale of eggs, veal or pork of a farm animal “confined in a cruel manner.”

Question 4 – legalization of marijuana

A yes vote supports the use, cultivation, possession and distribution of recreational marijuana for people at least 21 years old.  A no vote means your don’t want to legalize pot.

Question 5 – Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Act would be a small tax on your property to help raise money for affordable housing, restoring historical landmarks and improving parks. The tax in Boston will be roughly $25 added to your property tax bill. A yes vote means you support this new tax. A no vote means you don’t want anymore stinkin’taxes.

Happy Voting!  Polls are open 7am-8pm.  

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