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Good grief

Double parking in Southie is a tradition as old as time. In addition to putting out spot savers after a snowstorm, double parking may have originated in the neighborhood. But who’s to say.  Well, one resident has had it up to here with double parking on street cleaning day. Universal Hub initially posted the 311 report on Thursday.

The last statement – cars are left double-parked well after street cleaning ends – we don’t believe for a second.  A freshly cleaned street filled with open parking spots – that car owner is moving that car as fast as they can to get the coveted spot right in front of their house.

This complaint is a catch 22.  Parking is slim pickings in the neighborhood as it is.  Now weekly, half of the spots need to be cleared in order to make way for the street sweepers. So where would this resident like to see the cars park?  Unfortunately, double parking on street cleaning day is a necessary evil in order to have clean streets. If you don’t move the cars, we won’t have clean streets.  If we can’t double park – where do we put the cars when parking isn’t allowed on one side of the street.

We suspect that the person who made the complaint doesn’t own a car of has off-street parking.

As a refresher, here are the Dos + Don’ts of Double Parking.


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