BackYahd Bos + The Yahd

The Backyahd (located at South Bay) announced that it opened its second location, The Yahd!  This new gym offers small fitness classes from strength and conditioning to Backyahd flow. The Yahd (and the Backyahd) not only focuses on your fitness goals but also factors in your body and mind. They offer classes throughout the day and also offer an open gym. The new space is located at 55 West Fifth Street.

Workout with Trillfit

TRILLFIT® is an award-winning boutique fitness studio with classes ranging from Cardio Dance to Sculpt. The offer many outdoor classes in addition to plenty of online classes too! You can learn more here! 

Get Running with MyStryde

On Tuesday mornings at 7am, MyStryde offers a free run club!  Enjoy a 3.5 mile loop around Castle Island from their Summer Street studio! Every Saturday at 8:30am from the South Boston studio for a 6-mile loop. Think you won’t have runners in your pace group? Think again! To make sure they support all levels and paces, they’re providing FIVE different pace groups (7/8 min per mile, 8/9 min per mile, 9/10 min per mile, 10/11 min per mile, and 11/12 min per mile) lead by our new run club pacers. Join the group this Saturday and enjoy a post run smoothie from @bamboobeachjuicebar on MySTRYDE!

Bootcamp with Motivated Fitness

A local gym favorite located right on West Broadway, Motivated prides itself on providing education on becoming both physically and mentally fit. They offer outdoor bootcamps four days per week at Moakley Park for both members and non-members.  For more information visit here! 

Seaport Sweats

Boston’s biggest free workout series, Seaport Sweat, is running through October (extra time to tune in and tone up). Classes ranging from Zumba to Bootcamp and Yoga will be taught on Seaport Common and streaming on Instagram Live. Learn more here!

Loco’s 1.5 Stars Run Club

Loco features a 1.5 Stars Run Club! Meet at Loco on Saturdays at 9am and choose your route! Fitness trainer Kelly Whittaker-Cummings will come up with a 5K + 10K run route to choose from.  The run starts and ends at Loco with group margs when you finish! 

The Handle Bar

CYCLE, the HB’s signature class, is a cardiovascular workout on a stationary bike, all set to the beat of the music. The class incorporates varying movements and a weighted bar to engage the whole body in this intense, transformative ride. The class is typically 45 or 60 minutes and will leave you feeling accomplished, exhilarated and drenched in sweat. Check out the schedule here! 

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