A new four- to six-story building with 252 units and commercial space has been proposed for 295 West First Street in South Boston, and some neighbors are in opposition to it.

295 W 1st Opposition Flyer

Jones Street Investment Partners affiliate filed a letter of intent with the Boston Planning and Development Agency to replace a storage facility located at 295 West First with a new 1.5-acre development back in September.

The 226,000-square-foot project would include ground-floor retail and community space and on-site garaged parking. The building would be nearly 70 tall on the West First Street side and under 50 on West Second Street.  You can get the full details via the BPDA here. 

The comment period on this project closes on Friday, February 9th.

Also proposed in this neighborhood is this large-scale development with seven buildings on 8 acres.


  1. Theresa February 11, 2024 at 5:18 pm - Reply

    This is a neighborhood, not the Seaport where buildings are towering and taking over the skyline.

    If the BPDA and ZBA allow this project, we have lost a neighborhood.

    This has nothing to do with affordable housing, it’s all about greed!

    We the neighborhood are not against new development,

    Why do the developers have to violate the zoning laws?

    The developers would not need zoning relief if they stayed within the zoning laws.

    Why have Zoning laws if they are continuously abused?

    • Skippy February 21, 2024 at 1:37 am - Reply

      Very good point but the bus has left the barn so to speak. Life is short don’t lose sleep over it. You can’t fight city hall.
      Money talks you know what walks.

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