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Written by Keriann Coffey

Scouring Zillow until the wee hours of the morning? Running to apartment showings in between meetings? Let’s face it: Apartment hunting sucks—which is why it’s so easy to sign on the dotted line the minute a great space appears. But before you put your John Hancock anywhere, WAIT.  While most of your questions (think: late fee policies and utility costs) can be found on your lease, there are four questions you should always ask your future landlord before signing. Read up:

  1. Can I choose the paint colors?
    Chances are, your landlord (or management company) is going to repaint your space before you move in. So if you’re not into standard off-white walls, check and see if you can choose your colors.
  2. How often are the locks changed?
    You probably don’t know the previous tenant, which means, you also probably don’t know how many keys they shared…
  3. Are you planning to sell?
    Southie is prime real estate—condos are going up left and right. So, if your landlord decides to sell, well, that’s within his/her rights.
  4. Has the toilet seat been changed?

You’ll most likely be responsible for giving the bathroom a good scrubbing, but the least your landlord can do? Provide a new (clean) throne.

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