The “World Shaving Headquarters” sign that lights up the Fort Point Channel could be sticking around.

Last month, we reported that after more than 100 years in South Boston, Gillette Manufacturing Operations is packing up and leaving. The shaving empire plans to redevelop its 31-acre campus in the neighborhood into housing, labs, offices, and open space.

According to Boston Business Journal, Proctor + Gamble/Gillette will be filing a letter of intent to the Boston Planning and Development Agency as soon as next month.

Last week, the company hosted its first community meeting to discuss the future of the property. The BBJ goes on to report that although details were not completely specific, the desire to “open up the property” to the surrounding neighborhoods and run new streets through the site and create open space.

Also discussed were the state’s Chapter 91 regulations which two-thirds of the site is governed by, which basically puts height and other restrictions on new waterfront development.

As for the iconic Gillette sign atop the Fort Point factory, the company is “currently looking at creative possibilities for the sign in the future.”

You can get the full details here via BBJ. 

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