Nothing thrills us more than foolishness on the internet

On Friday morning, Universal Hub reported that GI Partners filed plans with the Boston Planning Development Agency to convert the nine-story 51 Melcher St. into life-sciences building.  As part of the filing of the project, the developer included a social media policy – which is sort of strange to say the least:

We will monitor the social media around the Project and correct misinformation. – 

The monitoring’s goal is to inform neighbors about what really happens inside life-sciences buildings  with local community groups, residents, artists and businesses – in addition to monitoring what what is said on social media.

Needless to say, twitter erupted into a sea of nonsense just to test how closely social media is being monitored.  Very seventh grade but hilarious none-the-less.

How long before some of these rumors are circulating around the neighborhood?

Anyway, you can learn more about this proposed project here! 

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