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With screen time for kids at an all-time high, wouldn’t it be nice to spark their creativity? Enter Zonkdbox! Zonkdbox is a ready-to-go monthly activity box for your kids started by two busy working moms! Erin Shifflett and Southie native Courtney (Lee) Holmes created Zonkdbox out of necessity to find quick and easy activities to keep their kids entertained while learning and being creative. “We wanted to keep it simple for parents. We’ve taken care of the research and the shopping. All the prep work is already done. Solving this dilemma is what inspired us to help other parents that may have struggled with the same thing,” said Holmes.

There are four new activities delivered each month including a combination of science activities and crafts. “Some of our favorites include learning about the food chain, making lava, blowing up a balloon using sugar and yeast, making your own bookmark, I could go on and on,” added Holmes.  The objective is simply to allow children and parents to interact with each other through play which helps encourage relationships, language development, and problem-solving skills.

The activity boxes are gender neutral for children ages 3 through 12. Younger kids will need some help from an adult. Zonkdbox costs $30 a month and shipping is free!

Zonkdbox also offers party favors for your child’s next birthday celebration!

To learn more visit here! Enjoy 30% off your first subscription box when you use the code: ZONKD30

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