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In April of 2009, South Boston resident Amy Hayes was tending to her normal agenda at her beloved family-operated business, Thornton Flowers.  It was just an ordinary day at 111 Dorchester Street until a gentleman walked through the doors and asked Hayes if he could take a few photographs of the shop.  Little did Hayes know that this stranger was a location scout for a movie company.  

Three months later, and not thinking anything of it, a van full of 50 crew and production members pulled up to Thornton Flowers, with Hollywood star Ben Affleck in the front seat.  Shortly after taking measurements and hundreds of additional photographs, South Boston’s own Thornton Flowers was on their way to making their first film debut in the Blockbuster hit, The Town.

“We thought they were still scouting around until we received a call after the 4th of July that they were in the area and could they come with 50 people,” Hayes said.  “They looked around and took measurements and at that point we knew.”

The crew’s search ended with Thornton Flowers, as their vintage ambiance was just what the location scouts were looking for.  When the crew began filming just before Thanksgiving in 2009, Hayes and her employees were required to leave the shop for the three weeks that the crew and production team were filming.  After one week of prepping the space, five days of shooting and one week of wrap-up, Hayes returned to her normal business, but when the film was released, she was shocked to see Thornton Flowers on the big screen.

“It was really surprising to see it up there,” Hayes said.  “Even though we’ve had this business for so long in our family, it was a big surprise.”

As the shock and awe factor settled in, Hayes explained, it was fun and exciting to see how the crew filmed the outside of the shop, and how she could recognize different things in the interior.  Regarding a change in business, Hayes has seen an increase in new faces and slight notoriety as well.  In fact, delivery truck drivers will stop in and say, “Hey I saw this place on The Town!”

Now that the dust has settled, and Thornton Flowers has earned it’s name in the film industry, Hayes would most certainly do it all over in a heart beat.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” Hayes said.  “It’s a lot of stop and go, and a lot of long days, but when the whole piece is put together it’s really exciting to see.”

Thornton Flowers has been serving South Boston for many years with it’s exquisite floral arrangements for any anniversary, birthday, season, and other affairs as well.  They offer lavish arrangements, beautiful bouquets, and their friendly staff is prompt and experienced, catering to your every floral need!  The shop is open Monday through Fridays from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information call 617-268-3198.