World’s Best Cliff Divers Return to Boston for the only U.S. Stop in Global Spectacle’s 15th Season 

Boston, MA (May 8, 2024) – The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series reaches a monumental milestone as it makes its third consecutive return to the Boston Harbor, marking its 100th event since the inception of the series in 2009. The practice round will take place on Friday, June 7th starting at 12:00p until 4:00p. On Saturday, June 8th from noon until 4p, the adrenaline-fueled diving competition will captivate Bostonians atop the rooftop of the iconic Institute of Contemporary Art Boston (ICA) in the vibrant Seaport neighborhood, serving as the second stop of the series.  

The 15th season welcomes the arrival of a new era as four new athletes join the ranks of permanent cliff divers to freshen up the roster and bring unmatched athleticism and daring feats that promise to redefine the sport. Among them are former wildcard athlete Simone Leathead (CAN) and Colombia’s Maria Paula Quintero, adding a new dynamic to the women’s category. Mexico’s Jonathan Paredes, 2017’s overall champion, makes a triumphant comeback to the men’s permanent diver list, ready to compete alongside the world’s best. Joining him is former wildcard athlete Carlos Gimeno (ESP), who soared his way into third place overall last season. 

Five athletes will proudly represent the USA. In the women’s permanent diver’s category, Red Bull athlete Ellie Smart and Meili Carpenter will take the stage, joined by the exciting new prospect and wildcard athlete Kaylea Arnett. In the Men’s event, James Lichtenstein will compete as a permanent diver, with David Colturi competing as a wildcard contender.   

With a roster of over 100 athletes at more than 100 tour stops spanning 15 seasons, this year’s competition is set to push the boundaries like never before. From plunges reaching speeds exceeding 52 miles per hour to jaw-dropping twists and somersaults from dizzying heights of up to 90 feet – nearly triple that of Olympic diving – these competitors continue to redefine the limits of human potential, highlighting their extraordinary talents as they execute dives of increasing complexity during their 3 second freefalls.  

The 2024 series embarks on a thrilling journey with 8 stops across 4 continents and 8 different countries. 24 elite athletes from 17 different countries – 12 men and 12 women – compete at every stop to earn maximum championship points and vie for the prestigious King Kahekili trophy, awarded to the best female and male high divers of the year. Divers are judged by a panel of expert judges on their acrobatics and artistic moves during each dive.  

With Boston proudly hosting the 100th tour stop, the city stands at the forefront of the Series’ history, symbolizing a pivotal moment in its enduring legacy of innovation. The event on Saturday, June 8th is open to the public and free of charge. Spectators are encouraged to arrive early at 10am when gates open to secure prime outdoor viewing spots.  

For those looking for an elevated experience, VIP tickets are available here 


The 2024 calendar kicks off in Athens, Greece, before heading stateside to Boston for the historic 100th tour stop celebration. From there, divers will embark on a European tour, with stops in Italy, Norway, and two brand-new locations in Northern Ireland, and Montréal, Canada – a testament to the Series’ commitment to innovation. Anticipation will build with



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