The Boston Children’s Museum announced this week that in celebration of the iconic Milk Bottle, the Hood Ice Cream Truck will be on hand with free tasty treats on Thursday from 11am – 2pm. Stop by!

History of the Milk Bottle

44 years ago, the Hood Milk Bottle traveled through Boston Harbor to its new location at the Children’s Museum on Museum Wharf.  That voyage was referred to as “The Great Bottle Sail.”

The 40-foot, 15,000 pound “bottle” was created by Arthur Gagner in 1933 as an road side ice cream stand in Taunton. In 1943, it became Sankey’s Ice Cream Stand before shutting down. The abandoned bottle was then purchased by Hood who renovated it and donated it to the Boston Children’s Museum for its opening in 1977.

Milk Bottle Trivia: If it were a real milk bottle, it could hold 58,620 gallons of milk. Bring on the cookies!

Image via Boston Children’s Museum on Instagram


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