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Written by Christina Catucci

Sneak a peek at the new art exhibition”PYR 2014″  – a massive pyramid buoyantly hovering in the harbor at Fort Point.  Made to resemble granite cobblestone, this colossal structure is a floating exhibit, and is placed in Fort Point’s ‘Art Basin;’ an area for sculptures between the adjacent Summer and Congress Street Bridges. The innovative work is meant to address the historic design aesthetic found in many of Boston’s oldest streets.

Designer Don Eyles has created the 16-foot-wide, 10-foot-tall pyramid made from polystyrene. Celebrating the organization’s 35th Annual Open Studios event and upcoming Public Art Series, the pyramid stands to remind viewers of the cobblestone streets of Boston, and the artists who so carefully crafted much of Boston’s classic construction. Eyles was enthused to initiate the project and said it was something he’d wanted to bring to life for a very long time.

“Consider the history that has passed along the cobbled streets of Boston—all the men and women, famous or unremembered, who have walked and rode here, crossed our bridges, gathered in our public spaces, imported and exported, bought and sold—always with granite cobblestones beneath their feet and wheels,” Eyles explained in an interview with Boston Magazine. The “cobblestone” structure now sitting in the basin is designed to play tricks on the eye, creating an illusion of older material. Be sure to check it out!