Continuing our series on local fitness celebs’ gym bags, we asked this local Southie legend – Thomas Regan from Regan’s Motivated Fitness what’s in his bag.  From training and educating our South Boston youth to running one of the best bootcamps in the ‘hood, Thomas’s positive attitude, fitness knowledge, and famous smile, makes him a Southie favorite!  (Did we mention he’s one of the nicest guys we know and an excellent dancer?) We asked Thomas to share with us what’s in his gym bag!  Here’s what he had to say…
On my well-organized days, you’ll find me walking the scenic route from home to the gym with my red gym bag over my shoulder.  On said days, a quick scan of the bag would first reveal one to two extra sets of gym clothes. Working full time at RMF means teaching bootcamp at 6AM, training people sporadically throughout the day, and usually teaching a class in the evening as well. That means getting several workouts in for myself, even if I don’t intend on it, and sweating through several outfits a day. Laundry on Marine Road is no picnic, or so I’m told… ?
Secondly, on those well-organized days, you’ll see a neatly packed homemade lunch, consisting of usually a turkey wrap of some sort with a yogurt and some granola for a snack.  If we’re being honest though, those “well-organized” days don’t happen as much as I’d like. Some of the more last minute days (cough cough today), you can find me filling a plastic Stop & Shop bag with a fresh pair of socks and undies and  a questionably aged and discolored banana. But luckily for me, motivation isn’t sold in stores or packed in a thermos; whether a fully stocked under-armor bag or a Stop & Shop special, once I get to the gym it’s time to spew that motivation as far as the eyes can see!
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