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If following fitness accounts on Instagram and pinning healthy recipes on Pinterest got you in shape, we’d all be giving Suzanne Summers a run for her ThighMaster money.  But alas, that’s not how the world works.  To look and feel your best you have to work hard and be dedicated, or as Peter Welch from Peter Welch’s Gym puts it, “no roadwork, no title.”

In this case the roadwork is both literal and figurative.  Welch credits his early morning roadwork – as in fasted cardio (doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach) – for his recent 40+ pound weight loss, and that fasted cardio is an integral part of his gym’s new program, the 23 Hour Toolbox.

Peter Welch’s Gym is launching the 23 Hour Toolbox, a comprehensive approach to weight loss and fitness for everyone to gym newbies to professional fighters.  The core principle of the 23 Hour Toolbox is that everything you do in the twenty-three hours following your training can “support or sabotage” your efforts.  Why kill yourself in the gym if you’re just going to undo your hard work throughout the day?  Peter Welch and his staff will not just put you through the paces in their legendary classes, they’ll also give you the tools you need to make sure the rest of your day supports your health and fitness goals.

If you’re (finally) serious about losing weight, especially dangerous belly fat, check out Peter Welch’s Gym.  No shortcuts, no miracle ingredients, just hard work, dedication, and the 23 Hour Tool Box.

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