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Eliza Shirazi is one of our favorite local fitness personalities, and a natural pick for our first What’s In Your Gym Bag post!  Eliza is the driving force behind Kick It By Eliza, a fitness brand that encompasses signature classes, all music-driven and dance inspired.  We love Eliza’s energy, drive, humor, hair, and heart (she does a TON of charity work, checkout her next fundraiser)!  We asked Eliza to share with us what’s in her gym bag right this very minute!  Here’s what she had to say…

My gym bag. Ah, my precious gym bag. Sometimes it changes depending on my outfit (duh), but normally I use my Chapel backpack I got in Cape Town. I don’t like gym bags that actually look like gym bags– I gotta multi-task through out my day so if I have to lug something it’s gotta be cute, comfortable, and multi-purpose. 

Inside my bag: 

  • Tampons. Yo, I’m just being honest. If I don’t need it, there will definitely be some frantic girl that will need it. Carry them for yourself and others.
  • My Moleskine notebook and planner. AH! I love nothing more than my Kick It notebook. It is old as sin, so beat up, but it holds my most precious Kick It content. There are scribbles, stick figures, and sweat in that thing. My planner on the other hand is a bit more organized because If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t count. Jan 1st it is crisp and clean and a year later it looks like someone threw it in a tornado– I love looking back on how much work was done. It’s Feb now, so my planner is still crisp and clean-ISH…
  • My New Balance sneaks. Gushing over my new high top New Balance sneakers. Shoes are the only thing I really like shopping for. These sneakers are the right amount of swag and sass to help me Kick It in serious style. And let’s be real, when you kick as much as I do, peeps are constantly lookin at your feet.
  • Food. I always have snacks in my bag because I’m a machine when I finish teaching class. I love having rice cakes with peanut butter or rice cakes with peanut butter and banana or rice cakes with peanut butter, banana, chocolate fudge and sprinkles. Ha. Kidding, but I do have a sweet tooth so the rice cake/PB/Banana combo does the trick, and if not, I go to my spot, Crema.
  • Kick It Closet. This means any Kick It apparel. It is in my car, in my back pack, and on me. People love reppin the Kick It Crew on the reg.
  • Everybodyfights hand wraps. On a good day, I get to squeeze in some mitt work with GF3 so I carry my wraps wherever I go. Or sometimes I put them on to shove people out of my way on the T. I’m 5’2… whatever it takes to intimidate.
  • Paul Mitchell Hairspray and hair accessories- have you seen my hair?

Okay, all for now, gotta Kick It! If you need a tampon, food, Kick It swag, etc, you know who to ask. XO! 

A big thank you to Eliza for sharing with us, and big congratulations for being named one of New Balance’s six nation-wide ambassadors!  Interested in taking one of Eliza’s classes?  Check out her website for her full schedule, or reach out to her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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