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Why can’t we just all get along?

So with one snowstorm under our belt in the Winter of 2017, there is already an issue at hand – space savers.  Now, I’m aware that every year space savers are an issue – a big issue!  To use or not to use?  Team Pro-saver or  Team Anti-saver.  This issue surfaces its ugly head each snowfall.  But this year, right out of the gate, there’s a blatant disregard for the rules.  Yes, our Unofficial Rules for Saving a Spot after a Snowstorm.  

First, violation of Rule #1:

No even a snowflake had fallen and this asshat had his barrel out.  Really? #Jerk store

For as long as I can remember, this tradition of saving a spot after you shovel has been around in South Boston.  If you put the time in shoveling – and by time, we don’t mean 10 minutes with a shovel or brushing off your car – we mean working up a sweat and shoveling, you’ve earned your spot.  On Saturday, our first snowstorm came.  Southie got roughly 6 inches.  You didn’t need to shovel.  You could just brush off your car and drive right out.  If you did have to shovel, it took you less than 10 minutes.  Those of you who invested more than 10 minutes were just trying to justify that space saver you put out.  There was no NEED to shovel.  This just helped ease your guilt so you could put out your beach chair.  But I will give you this.  You did in fact shovel.  Some people didn’t even lift a shovel, they just pulled right out and put a cone out.  I witnessed two young female residents, pull out of a spot and used a City construction work cone that was on the sidewalk as their spot saver.  How lazy and entitled can you be?

First rule of thumb – was a Snow Emergency declared by the City of Boston?  The Snow Emergency is always a good gage for using a space saver.  Snow Emergency = Space Saver for 48 hours.  If we got walloped with 2 feet a snow, use your judgement when keeping out your space saver.   But don’t get enraged when your space saver is moved after 48 hours.  There is now an app called 311 and according to the City’s rules, after 48 hours all space savers will be removed.  So if you got the extra 1/2 day, consider yourself ahead of the game.

Speaking of 311 – this little gem popped up on the app.

First off, you don’t own the parking spot.  You most likely didn’t shovel.  How do you know if the person who parked in the spot is the one who moved the space saver? You don’t. And who the hell are you to threaten to vandalize someone’s car?  Clearly you’re not originally from Southie because you would have just keyed the car and not written a note about it.  There was no need for a space saver.  You are not a good neighbor and are giving our Unofficial Rules a bad rap.  You are helping the Anti-saver’s cause.  The reason we have these rules is to have some neighborhood decorum.  Without rules there is anarchy and by the looks of it, we are going to have a very chaotic winter season.  

So please, folks, please (said in the voice of the Irish bouncer at The Abbey), let’s try to follow the rules.  Don’t be a jerk.  Don’t try to get one over on your neighbors by putting out a very unnecessary space saver.  Be a good neighbor.  We are all in this together.  If these Winter Wars continue, I can predict that space savers will in fact be officially banned no matter what.  And nobody wants that. 

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  1. Donna January 11, 2017 at 1:30 pm - Reply

    Im originally from Southie but unfortunately due to the high cost of living I moved to Dorchester. I also saw space savors out in my neighborhood before it snowed. It is unbelievable, people who do that are going to ruin it for everyone else. Please be considerate!!!

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