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in South Boston

Even though the 5.8 magnitude earthquake was in Virginia, tremors could be felt all the way up the east coast and even in Southie yesterday.  Many buildings in Boston including buildings at the corner of D and Summer in Southie were evacuated.  Although no damage to structures was reported it was just enough to have residents on edge. 

“I felt my entire desk shake,” said an employee at Rue La La on A Street.  Others described as more like a loud bang and rumbling- similar to a speeding truck passing by.  Others felt nothing at all.

According to reports it’s the biggest earthquake on the east coast in 100 years.  As for advice if you ever experience a true earthquake, go underneath a desk or in a doorway, away from things like bookshelves, falling lamps etc. 

Valuable tip: Don’t try to flee the building. In  a real earthquake, you wouldn’t have time.

Next natural disaster on the horizon?  Hurricane Irene. 

The hurricane will hit the east coast and reach a level 3 by Wednesday with winds between 110 to 130 miles per hour.  As for Boston, we should see signs of Irene on Sunday with lots of rain and wind.  Start stocking up on milk and batteries Southie. 

Photo by Metro – taken at 111 Devonshire Street which was evacuate yesterday due to earthquake tremors.