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So week two of Dry January – the month that Peter Gailunas (CIS Blogger) and I (CIS Editor) abstain from alcohol.  So how’s it going?  

PG:  I feel exactly the same.  Nothing has changed about my life at all.

MD: Nothing? Not one thing?

PG: Nope.

MD: For me I feel like I’m sleeping better and working out more.  I feel better working out.  I also don’t miss hangovers at all.

PG: I don’t miss hangovers.

MD: I am useless when I’m hungover.

PG:  That’s not true.  You do everything you normally would do except you don’t feel good doing it.  I’ve never witnessed you lying on the couch with a hangover in my 16 years of knowing you.

MD: I wish I could say the same for you.  It’s all smoke and mirrors!  Anyway, I did have two social events this past week where I had to order a soda water instead of a glass of wine or cocktail.  I went to Row 34 to meet an old co-worker for dinner.  She said she was “dry” too.  So I thought this will be super easy.  When I arrived, she was already sitting at the bar with a glass of white wine in front of her.  “I caved!” she admitted.  Apparently, she had a tough week.  For one split second I though about joining her but I ordered a soda water instead.  It wasn’t bad at all.  I also met friends at a new tapas and wine bar.  That was tough listening to them rave about how delicious their pinot noir was.  I had a soda water with a splash of cranberry.

PG:  I have done nothing because I really don’t have a social life. It’s really not the norm for two men in their  forties to meet for dinner and not drink alcohol.   The Pats game would have been tough but I was working.   Conveniently, I’m working on Sunday this week – so that solves my issue with wanting to have a few beers while I watch the game. The Super Bowl is in February – so watch out.

MD:  We do have a family dinner this coming weekend at Venezia’s in Dorchester.  It would be nice to have a glass of wine.    

PG:  I can get through dinner without alcohol.  I’m more worried about facing that lounge next door after dinner sober.  

MD:  It’s quite the singles spot for the 55 plus crowd.  Great people watching.  Great people watching sober?  We shall see.

PG:  I say we skip the after dinner festivities and just head home.  What’s the point right?

MD: I guess so.  I was also invited to a friends and family night on Sunday  at a soon to be opening restaurant/bar in Southie.  I think I’ll be declining that invite or maybe not.  Game day decision.   Well, on to week 3.  We are half way there and for me I’ve noticed some subtle differences physically and mentally.  For you, nothing?

PG: Nothing.

MD:  I am looking forward to a very large glass of wine in February.  

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