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Who wants some fall-style inspo no one asked for?  

Boston has a notorious reputation for being a poorly dressed city and you know what, that’s fair.  And even within Boston, Southie, in particular, has a reputation for being less than stylish, and you know what?  Also fair!  Southie has become known as the land of jeans and black bodysuits, and although we love the chic ease of a Steve Jobs uniform moment – sometimes it’s fun to switch things up.  So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite, a little less than mainstream style icons to get your sartorial juices flowing!  Happy dressing!

Jessica Fletcher, Murder She Wrote

The original Coastal Grandmother, or at least Coastal Auntie.  While Jessica had many lewks for all her many travels (PS have you heard the theory that Jessica Fletcher was a serial killer and that’s why people died everywhere she went), she did have a few go-to pieces.  More often than not you can find Jessica, or Miss Fletcher if you’re nasty, in either casual straight-leg denim, a smart blazer, printed blouse, sweat sweater, or of course, a trench coat.  All pieces that are very relevant in 2023!  I mean, look at her in that pic!  Tell me that couldn’t be your favorite Scandi girl! (Watch it on Amazon Prime)

Carla Tortelli, Cheers

First my apologies, it was nearly impossible to find a full-length picture of Carla Tortelli, and completely impossible to find a full-length picture of one of my fave Carl outfits.  If you like to take a walk on the fashion wild side, Carla is the muse for you.  Her go-to outfit formula is solid pants and a funky top.  Maybe a western yoke, maybe a graphic like cartoon cats hugging, maybe a bright bold abstract; but whatever it is, it’s a little left of center.  Channel your inner Carla and wear the fun top.  (Watch it on Hulu)

Wendy Torrance, The Shining

Wendy Torrance is a style icon and this is a hill I am very willing to die on.  The key to Wendy Torrance vibes?  Layer baby, layer.  A turtleneck, a flannel, a corduroy overall dress, AND a cardigan?  Hell yeah…well maybe not a “hell yeah” for me because I’m in the throes of perimenopause and that outfit, combined with my hot flashes, spells heat stroke.  Anyhoo, back to Wendy.  Although the aforementioned turtleneck, flannel, and overall dress outfit is her most famous look, this yellow cardigan is my white whale.  I’ve been trying to find it for decades now and I will not rest.  (Watch it on MAX)

Joanna Louden, Newhart

No one wore a sweater like Joanna Louden, NO ONE!  I know Newhart is more of a deep-cut, so here’s a little contect: Newhart was a TV show about an author and his wife who moved from New York to rural Vermont to run an inn.  And Joanna Louden looks every bit the stylish NYC transplant.  While she wore every iteration of the sweater and she wore it perfectly, her soft pastels are my personal favorite.  (Watch it on Amazon Prime)

Rhoda Morgenstern, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda

Listen, you can’t go wrong with any of the Mary Tyler Moore Show ladies.  Mary, Rhoda, and Phyllis all have impeccable style, but Rhoda, Rhoda has a special place in my heart and on my Pinterest board.  Rhoda’s boho look was Rachel Zoe before Rachel Zoe, Free People before Free People.  Rhoda’s wardrobe is quintessential 70s; solid co-ords, crochet sweaters, shades or red and orange, vests and scarves, all perfect for fall in 2023!  Rhoda-fy any outfit by adding a colorful print scarf.  (Watch the Mary Tyler Moore Show on Hulu, Rhoda on Fubo)

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