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Written by Heather Foley

If Tom Egan looks familiar it’s because you’ve probably seen him around town, if he doesn’t look familiar he will pretty darn soon.  Tom is making his debut on UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter (Wednesday nights at 10pm on Fox Sports 1) as a coach on Conor McGregor’s Team Europe.  I met Tom for coffee at The Sugar Bowl in Dorchester (not at the actual Sugar Bowl for a run, much to my relief) to talk about this season of The Ultimate Fighter, working with Conor McGregor, and his Southie favs.

If you haven’t heard of Conor McGregor I’d like to welcome you back from your vacation on the space station because OMG where have been?  McGregor is the hottest ticket in the UFC (no offense, Rhonda) and Tom trains with the larger than life fighter.  McGregor must like his style, because he invited Tom along for The Ultimate Fighter run.  In the season premiere the coaching “staff” is just Egan and McGregor, so Egan has the almost impossible task of working as corner man for sixteen different fighters in sixteen different fights.  That’s sixteen guys you’re either helping or hurting in one of, if not the most important fight of their lives.  Sixteen fighters with not only different fighting styles, but different corner preferences as well.  Believe it or not icing someone’s back can throw of their whole game if they’re not into it.  Speaking of rubbing and dudes not being into it, if you’re reading this, Dana White, I’m available to give Rockhold and Weidman their post-fight rubdowns, hollah at me.  What am I supposed to be talking about?  Right, right, The Ultimate Fighter.  So yeah, Tom Egan will be pretty close to front and center this season.  McGregor is taking a less hands on approach with his team than we’re used to seeing, and Tom will be stepping up with a lot of the training and matchups.

Tom just got back from filming in Las Vegas and is currently training clients at Trifecta Martial Arts and Fitness in Quincy.  You don’t have to be looking to master your guillotine choke to work with Tom, he trains plenty of regular old slobs like us, and he’s not really a submissions guy anyway, more of a striker.  He’ll be heading out to Vegas at the end of November to work with McGregor for his bout with Jose Aldo on December 12th, a fight I’m currently trying to get Caught In Southie to expense.  For 2016 Egan is looking to do more professional fighting himself.  His eyes light up when he talks about getting in the cage and the adrenaline rush it gives him.  I imagine it’s what my eyes look like when I talk about the Golden Girls.

And now for the local stuff.  Tom moved to Boston in 2010 and has since spent a good deal of time living, working, and playing in Southie.  Some of you may know Tom from his days at Peter Welch’s, and maybe you even had your butt whooped by time a couple times (take that however you want to).  He lived on F Street for a while, and one of his favorite Southie activities was walking around the neighborhood talking to people.  When he wasn’t wandering the streets chatting up randos, he could often be found at Lincoln, Cafe Arpeggio, or Mul’s (we totally bonded over our mutual love of their crème brulee French toast and if you haven’t tried it yet holy crap what are you waiting for).  Celebrities, they’re just like us!  

PS Make sure you watch Tom on The Ultimate Fighter tonight on Fox Sports 1 at 10pm.

PPS I asked Tom if there was going to be a premiere party anywhere tonight so I could get us all on the guest list but he’s just watching it at his house and apparently we’re not invited.

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PPS This isn’t Tom’s first Caught In Southie rodeo.  Peter Gailunas wrote about him being One Tough Bastard.  Now I’m not saying Caught In Southie is responsible for his success, but I’m not saying we’re not not responsible.