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The words ‘Thank You’ are not nearly enough to describe the amount of gratitude I have for everyone who has supported me since January in my Mayor of Southie endeavor.

As a woman who is generally introverted and anxious in large social situations, I knew that running for Mayor of Southie was going to put those things to the test, and it certainly did. Over the course of the three months I campaigned, I was overwhelmed with not only the amount of people who showed up to my events, but also the amount of people who would stop me on the street, or chat with me in a bar about how impressed they were with what I was doing and offering on the spot donations and words of encouragement.

Although I am extremely grateful to everyone, I would like to thank a few specific people:

My parents – Nancy & George Menjin: I could have never done this without the support of the two of you. My father was my campaign manager and was so enthusiastic to help me that sometimes it felt like he was the one who was running. My mother was my treasurer and sold raffles at every single event I had. She was the glue that held everything together.

My cousin Brendan Gavaghan and uncle Al Gavaghan: Al essentially DJ’d my first event with Brendan’s music, Brendan performed at the Playwright for me, and they both came together to perform live Irish music at one of my final events. I am blessed to have such talent in my family. *

Dave Falvey of the SBAWV: Thank you for bringing back the Mayor of Southie, and for being so excited for me when I got into the race. You have brought so much positive energy to this whole race and I won’t forget that.

The Seapoint, The Playwright, Sixth Gear Cask & Kitchen, The Shamrock, Croke Park (“Whiteys”), Tom English’s Cottage, and Roza Lyons: From full fledged events to my bar crawl, thank you for letting me hold events at your businesses.

Finally, Haley Dillon & Jimmy Donnelly: Thanks to the two of you! I enjoyed building a friendship with the two of you over the past 3 months and you were two noble adversaries.

There are, of course, so many more people to thank. However, I will spare you from me listing everyone. Again, thank you so much to everyone who came to my events, the businesses that let me hold events, everyone who donated, everyone who helped me along the way, and everyone who believed in me. This has been the most humbling experience of my life and I will never forget it.

*You can check out my cousin and uncle on Spotify and Facebook at Celtic Law: Al and Brendan Gavaghan. You can check out Brendan’s solo work at http://www.iglooboston.com/

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