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Not all trends work for everyone, um remember super low rise jeans?  But there are some trends that can work for most, if not all of us.  We put together a list of our favorite ten trends for the summer of 2016, we bet there’s a least a few on here that will work for you!

Cat eye sunglasses  I have been quite the sunglasses junkie lately, mostly because they always fit, even when I eat Café Porto Bello three times in the same week.  My current faves are cat eye frames in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Cat eyes are the perfect combo of classic, quirky, and fun, give ‘em a whirl!  Ku De Ta has an awesome sunglasses selection with plenty of cat eye options!

Wine slushes  Not only are wine slushies a thing, they are a delicious thing.  Is there a better way to please both your inner child and outside grown ass adult?  Maybe, try pairing a wine slushy with bacon cheese tater tots at Coppersmith.

One stop fitness  Maybe the credit, or the blame depending on who you ask, lies with Class Pass and their crazy price increase, but fitness buffs are making their way back to the gym.  Gyms with multiple class options are back in, why pay for multiple boutique studios when you can get everything under one roof?  Oh and at the Boston Athletic Club you not only get over sixty class options a week, you also get parking, a pool, tennis courts, soccer fields, and most importantly, a bar.

Bandanas  As anyone who knows me in real life can attest, I’m going through a bit of a bandana phase.  Adding a bandana instantly ups the cool factor of any outfit.  Bandana choker with a black tie dress?  Why not?  Also bandanas really come in handy if you need to rob a bank or make a tourniquet.  We get ours at Pretty Reckless.

Coconut  Coconut is the current “it” ingredient in all manner of skin products and treatments.  We’re all about beauty radiating from the inside out, so we’ll be drinking plenty of coconut margaritas at Loco.

Training smarter, not harder  Fitness and nutrition go hand and hand, so it only makes sense for a weight loss program to combine the two.  At Peter Welch’s Gym there is a renewed focus on nutrition, and teaching clients how live their daily life to achieve weight loss and fitness goals.

Cold shoulder  Summer 2016 shall henceforth be known as the Summer of the Clavicle.  Off the shoulder tops and dresses are HUGE right now, probably because they are flattering on all body types.  Wear one on your next night out! (Insider’s tip:  Keep your arms and shoulders toned with a little yoga at East Side Yoga & Fitness! )

Rosé  Man has rosé has a great couple of years or what?  Have we reached peak rosé?  Is it only a matter of time before rosé elicits the same eye roll as its lookalike white zin?  Who cares?  Order a jug of rosé at Capo and leave the questions to the philosophers.

Take it outside  Who else’s Instagram is full of gorgeous pics of rooftop yoga, Zumba in the park, sunrise Pilates, and even thanks to The Handle Bar, rush hour cycling outside of South Station.  Outdoor classes not only bring you closer to nature, which I think is good for the soul, they also have a very social aspect to them.  Check out MoveWith to find an outdoor class that speaks to you.

Delivery tech  Delivery is no longer just pizza or Chinese.  Delivery is Davios and Gaslight.  Delivery is breakfast sandwiches and soul food.  Delivery is anything you want, even pizza or Chinese.  Thanks to GrubHub you can order whatever your heart, and stomach, desire.

Show us your favorite summer trends by posting on social media with #SummerinSouthie, we can’t wait to see how you’re summering!

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