Like green grass poking out of the ground and days growing longer, the opening of Sullivan’s at Castle Island is a welcomed sign of Spring and this spring Sullivan’s is celebrating it’s 60th Anniversary of delivering delicious food and amazing service to the good people of not only Southie but the state, the country and the world.

Normally opening in March, Sully’s decided to get a jump on spring and open Saturday, February 26th and after this snow-riddled Winter, we will happily accept this early opening.

The Sullivan’s family opened the doors of their concession stand selling hot dogs and burgers back in 1951.  The original “stand” was to the right of the current building and in the center of the view of Fort Independence.  A second Sullivan’s was erected in 1963 where it resided for 25 years.  Sullivan’s had a “historical” makeover in 1989 – the now red brick building was built to resemble the Commandant’s House from 1807.  Now 60 years later, Sullivan’s menu has expanded to include – not only hot dogs and burgers – but also lobster rolls, soups, breakfast items and even apparel. 

Everyone knows that the food from Sully’s is the best.  But it’s the whole experience of heading out to historic Castle Island and enjoying the view while you enjoy the food is what makes it so special.  Many family memories have been made out at Sullivan’s and Castle Island.  It’s just one of the many recognizable landmarks in South Boston – but Sully’s is more of the feather in our “Southie cap” and we are proud to show it off.

So February 26th the doors to Sullivan’s will open for it’s 60th season.  And in celebration of the 60th season, Sully’s will be selling hot dogs for 60 cents through March 2 (but for Caught in Southie fans – you get the deal until 3/4!***) We’ll take two all around! Or maybe you want to go for the Southie “trifecta” – a hot dog, cheeseburger and a grilled cheese.  Don’t forget the French fries!

Interesting Facts about Sullivan’s:

  • The hot dog is the most popular item on the menu with the cheeseburger coming in a close second.
  • Closed only three days during the season – March 20th Parade Day, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving Day
  • In Sully’s speak – “all around” means mustard, relish, onion.  “All – inc.” means mustard, relish, onion including ketchup.  Wonder if they still say “zero” for coffee?
  • Sully’s serves a delicious breakfast from 8:30-10:30 including breakfast sandwiches and French toast sticks.  Now you can have Sully’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  • There are on average 50-60 employees at Sullivan’s.  On a busy day it takes 25 employees to make Sullivan’s “stand” run. 
  • Coffee Land and Tonic World are just two of the work stations covered by Sully’s employees. 

The “Expediator” refers to the mission control spot- the person that coordinates the order in the center of the ‘stand’

Insider Tip

Rainy Day Tip: if you planning on Sully’s for dinner and it’s been raining, you can call ahead and find out what time Sullivan’s will be closing. There you’ll avoid disappointed diners.  The phone number is 617-268-5685. The Sullivan’s motto is “we’ll close if there are more seagulls than cars in the parking lot.”

You can show your love for Sullivan’s by purchasing a sweet t-shirt for $15.50

What’s the perfect gift? A gift card to Sullivan’s! Everyone loves them!